What you should know about lion dance?

Lion dance traditionally is the Method to ward off the evil and bad spirits around. Additionally it is thought of as a way to bless a union with joy and good fortune. We understand that you would like a Lion Dance Troupe performing at your wedding. It is one of the best ways to entertain your visitors and giving a traditional touch to your wedding. Let us start with the questions which will be running upside down on your mind

professional lion dancers

How long will a performance take?

Well, the performance timing changes From 1 troupe to another, but a typical wedding ritual lasts for approximately 15- 20 minutes.

What to expect from a troupe?

A lion dance troupe might Involve 2 to3 lions throughout the performance. Additionally, you can pay a bit more and ask the troupe to do for a little longer combined with drums, gongs, and cymbals as part of the services.

What is the projected cost involved?

On an average, we would say that a Lion Dance Troupe performance can cost you about $600. This will insure the percussionists with two lions. Whereas there is some troupe available who may charge you $800, generally, they are better educated and the lions are kept in better conditions.

Is there anything else that you should really consider?

Well, if you a little of your time, then try and watch one of the rehearsals of the troupe. This way you can ask them all the questions that you may have lingering around. Also, we would recommend you contact and reserve a dance troupe much before your wedding and guarantee that they will be accessible for your big day. Try to do your research work and employ the best performer for your day. Just go before meeting the troupe.

This will help you choose the best Troupe for your event. Always bear in mind that a great service provider will be honest enough and will also attempt to construct a great relationship with you and your family during the operation. Try to enjoy the lion dance performance. Try to get the most out of the moment and absorb as much as possible. Also, try to remember every part of the performance since it does pass really fast. We hope that we have answered some of the questions for your own above. Please let us know if we missed out something or in case you have a few other questions that you may want us to reply.